Industrial research  and production institute Employment in Jahaan Nama Intensive Board Project Recruitment of Esfahan particleboard Factory Launching Official Website of Company simultaneous with EidGhadir Internal view of Esfahan particleboard Factory Exterior view of Esfahan particleboard Factory Sample products of Esfahan particleboard Factory History and company objectives As Esfahan is the largest industrial hub of Iran, daily a great volume of wood wastefrom sawmills, pallet and carpentries was set on fire causing environmental pollution and sometimes workshops caught fire.In 1368 for the production of waste wood particleboard started.

In the same year, with the invention of the founder of the company, a production line with a capacity of 20 cubic meters per daywas built. And in 1369 began to produce as Esfahan particleboard Factory.Due to low production capacity, another production line with capacity of 100 cubic meters per day was bought in 1380 and in 1384 started to produce.The complex was founded in 1386 as Jahaan Intensive Board Company for the development and use of agricultural waste.the company called Global Compact Board. So that with Gods help in the future be able to recycle wood, create jobs for college graduates of Islamic Iran and continue to strive for greatness. Jahaan Nama Intensive Board Project Company (Limited) Affiliated with Esfahan Industrial, research, and production particleboard Factory

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